Project Description

Stirling Fringe window display – Adelaide Hills Council, Coventry Library, Stirling, SA

In this design for the Coventry Library Branch of the Adelaide Hills Council Library Service event communication was the key.

The window display needed to work on many levels. First it had to promote the Stirling Fringe. Secondly, it had to be something that could adapt and be relevant after the Fringe had finished. Finally it needed to be double sided, so it reads well from outside and inside the library.

event communication

The Stirling Fringe is a satellite event of the Adelaide Fringe. The event occupies the lawns immediately in front of the Coventry Library. Library management wanted to support the Stirling Fringe, without utilising its specific branding.

WallsThatTalk created a balloon design, with a specific colour set. This colour set reflected the Stirling Fringe branding colour scheme. As a result it positively impacted the event space and added to the event branding.

The scale of the installation was also very important. A person walking past on foot needed to be able to read the display. A person driving a car on the nearby road needed to be able to quickly read the display. It had to be bold, large and eye catching. It could not be too detailed or people would miss crucial information.

be adaptable

The scale of the installation meant the the Library wanted to be able to utilise this design for at least a year after the Stirling Fringe event. This meant that the basic design, minus names and dates, had to be relevant to the general library population. The design needed to be bright, friendly and engaging across a range of ages. It could not be too skewed towards any particular group.

The materials and colours used help to create a display with broad appeal. The bright pink and orange are friendly, fun and welcoming. The chrome mirror vinyl adds a touch of sophistication.

Also the design was planned with the removal of text in mind. Once the text was removed a few more balloons were applied to balance the layout. In the images you can see the before and after views of the windows.

double sided

The location of the installation means it has to look great from two sides. It is just as visible from inside the library as it is from the street. WallsThatTalk spent time planning the layering and application of the vinyl to make sure there was no ‘back’. Only solid vinyl was used in the construction of the design to make sure the colours were strong and true.

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