Project Description

custom wallpaper – Wakefield Sports + Exercise Medicine Clinic, SA

Want to enhance you customer experience when they visit your consulting rooms?

Have a look at the project undertaken with Koush Interiors for the Wakefield Sports + Exercise Medicine Clinic.

This project was created for two separate locations. The first was for the Next Generation Memorial Drive rooms. The second was the treatment rooms located in the Calvary Hospital.

Custom wallpaper

In the Next Generation Memorial Drive there was a drab corridor leading into the treatment spaces. It needed a treatment to invigorate the space but also needed to connect with the people it serves.

A custom wallpaper was designed. This wallpaper is unlike many others as it does not have a highly repetitive pattern. It is also unusual in that it was created and applied in a horizontal strip. This was done to ensure a perfect join between the pieces. The join was placed within a horizontal line to make it nearly invisible.

The wallpaper features strong horizontal lines that connect all the characters. The characters are representative of all the kinds of people who might find themselves visiting the Wakefield Sports + Exercise Medicine Clinic. You can see a wide range of different sporting figures as well as a range of other people engaged in activities that might cause physical issues. These graphics will connect and resonate with everyone who enters the space.

The colour scheme is bright enough to make the space feel light and fun but is calm enough that it will not overwhelm the clients as they wait for their session.

Take the idea a bit further

A second section was created for the corridor leading to the treatment rooms. This also needed to be invigorated so a version of the waiting room wallpaper was created. In this case figures were selected from the main wallpaper and made into enormous decals. As you can see in the images there is a rock climber making his way along the right-hand wall and a range of figure heading along the left wall.

When installing the decals Walls That Talk noticed a power point just near the figure seated at the computer desk. So, they created a little something extra for the project – a power cord that connected the computer to the real outlet! This is the kind of attention to detail and thought you can expect when working with Walls That Talk.

Privacy Screen

The Calvary hospital treatment rooms required a solution to the lack of privacy that having a glass wall between waiting and treatment areas created.

The solution was to create a frosted effect glazing film to cover the challenging areas. In this film the same lines and figures were used but the were cut out of the matt finish film, leaving the shiny glass to show through. This creates a stunning contrast effect with lots of visual interest and maintains the theme created in the custom wallpaper at the other sites.

Light can still get through, there is some visual contact maintained with the corridor, but privacy is now created.

Can Walls That Talk help you with a waiting area or treatment space that needs a stronger visual presence to represent your company and clients? Do you have privacy issues that need to be addressed in your workspace?

Please contact us for a custom quote now. Walls That Talk can help you solve all sorts of problems and will create a solution exactly right for you.