Project Description

social distancing signage – Summit Health Centre, Mount Barker

We are living though some extraordinary times, where we need to take some never heard measures. Social distancing signage was an unknown term until a few weeks ago. Then all of a sudden it became not just common, but absolutely necessary.

The issue

Summit Health Centre is a modern facility with a team of dedicated doctors and health care providers in the Adelaide Hills. As Covid-19 cases started to increase in Australia, social distancing signage was required in the centre in order to protect patients and staff.

One way to slow the spread of corona virus is social distancing (also called physical distancing). We needed to find the best way to define spaces where people can and cannot stand, line up, sit.

The centre has a large area with modern sofa-type seating. This simply did not allow just to move furniture around or take chairs away to distance people.

The solution

After careful consultation with staff, we designed and installed social distancing floor stickers, counter signage and sofa stickers.

We introduced floor markers to show people the 1.5m distance when lining up at reception. We used a hard-surface floor vinyl for this area.

In front of the large reception desk the floor is covered with carpet. We have installed lines, circles and arrows to clearly identify the spot for people to stand. We also visually asked them not to cross the line. Special non-slip material was used here, which is specifically suitable for commercial carpet. This social distancing message was reinforced with further self-adhesive vinyl on the face of the reception counter.

We have measured out 1.5m distancing in the seating area. Then we applied stickers on both the plastic chairs and the upholstered sofas. Our aim was to maximise seating capacity, while making sure people are not sitting closer than 1.5 m to each other.

For these social distancing stickers we used highly specialised materials. It was not only important that the film is suitable for the specific surface, but also has slip resistance rating, washable and will lasts a few months. Finally, removal is critical in these situations. The temporary social distancing stickers will need to remove easily and cannot leave residue behind.

Does your space need professional social distancing signage? We are very happy to work with you to find the best solution. It can be stickers for a DIY installation posted out asap. Or a fully custom designed, printed and installed social distancing package for your space.  We would love to discuss your needs. Contact us now!

Alternatively, you can also order some of our social distancing stickers form our online decal shop.

You can also find more information about our range of social distancing stickers here.