Project Description

custom printed film for glass – MBA Financial Strategists, Unley, SA

This project required custom printed film for glass. WallThatTalk worked closely with Koush Furniture + Interiors designer Julie Pieda to produce the custom film. Julie from Koush is the project designer responsible for the overall design and image selection. MBA Financial Strategists wanted to screen their boardroom from the hallway. The screening needed to add to the inspiring and uplifting images applied elsewhere in their offices (see their custom wallpaper project).

custom printed film for glass

Inside the boardroom, behind the glass, are a series of whiteboards. These boards needed to be completely covered by the custom film. The printing of the custom film was done on a solid vinyl to be completely opaque. Some of the glass was not covered by the film to keep a sense of openness and space. This open glass allowed light to enter both spaces.

inspirational images

A photographic image was carefully selected by Julie from the Getty Images collection. It had the right colour palette and feeling for the space. This image had to contribute to the uplifting and aspirational tone of the meeting room makeovers. It had to be carefully considered as the image is in a public space within the building.

technically precise process

The image was then enlarged using specialised software that mathematically calculates each pixel colour. This enlargement process ensures a very high quality with no pixelation or incorrect colour outcomes. This process is very important when you are talking about enlarging from an image that is only 40 x 60 cm to cover and entire wall! This image was also repeated and ‘stitched’ together to create an image long enough to fill the required space. The completed image is 1.2m high and 5m long. See if you can spot the join! The outcome is fantastic.

can we help?

Do you have a large expanse of glass that could use some amazing photographic film? Do you have glass in front of a space that would be better hidden? Could your business benefit from images to inspire your clients? Give WallsThatTalk a call today to discuss your needs.