Project Description

library collection signage – Woodcroft Library, Adelaide

This project was an installation of library collection signage for Woodcroft Library, Adelaide.

When you view the images for  this project please be sure to scroll as we have combined ‘before’ and ‘after’ images so you can the the fantastic transformation of the space.

The issue

Woodcroft library’s film, music, DVD’s and games area needed updating. The space was looking tired and the collections needed better signage for users to be able to find what they were looking for easily. The space needed to be visually united. This area is also situated in the very back of the library. The area needed to be more prominent and visible from the library entrance. It was important for patrons to be able to identify the space and understand clearly what collections it housed.

The solution

The space above the display units was utilised for the attention grabbing visuals. Walls That Talk created custom graphics for this area which reference the behind the scenes aspects of making movies. This was done because if scenes from movies were used they may easily date, making the graphic age quickly. It also avoids any copyright issues that may have come up. The edges of analogue film were used a graphic icon across the whole design. Mixed in amongst the cameras and film are other icons representing movies. You can see popcorn, 3D glasses and other items. These are not only highly recognisable for patrons, they aslo provide a pop of colour across the area. All of these elements combined create an eye catching visual easily seen and identified from the front of the library. It also visually unifies the whole collection area.

Individual collection areas also got a make over. Shelves and stands were given new labels with consistent style and colour across the collection. Dividers were created for the audio collection, making each category clear and easy to access. The entire space has become more functional for both patrons and staff. It looks modern and fresh.

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