Project Description

infographics – MOD Adelaide, SA

These infographics were created and installed for MOD Adelaide’s ‘Waging Peace’ exhibition.

Created in collaboration with Freerange Future, these infographics covered a large wall. You can see the scale in the images, speicifically image 4 with students. The infographics were across three large walls, over 6m long and around 3m high.

Freerange Future created the graphics. This was a collaborative design process between Walls That Talk and Freerange Future to ensure it will look amazing on such large scale. The final graphics were made with specific materials and installation processes in mind, to ensure the best outcome on the wall. The final product looks great on the wall and clearly communicates it’s content.

Walls That Talk cut and installed all the vinyl infographics. These were contour cut and applied directly to the black painted wall. These materials are high quality and made to last the distance. They looked just as great at the end of the exhibition, after being interacted with by thousands of people, as they did at the start.

The materials and installation style also ensure that at the end of the exhibition the vinyl will come off the wall without creating damage. This means MOD can be sure they will have a quick turnaround between exhibition installations and no expensive wall repairs!

Do you need large scale infographics for your space? It could be part of an exhibition or display, or even part of your office space. Contact us now to find out how we can help you translate ideas and information into accessible and attractive images.