Project Description

custom wallpaper – MBA Financial Strategists, Unley SA

This project was a fun one to do!

The brief was to create client meeting room spaces which were beautiful and inspiring and to give the staff work area a bit of a lift.

WallsThatTalk collaborated with Koush Furniture + Interiors designer Julie Pieda to create incredible custom wallpaper for each room. Julie set the design direction and selected the images and furniture for each room.

custom wallpaper for client meeting rooms

Julie has selected each image carefully from the Getty Images collection. She made sure it had the right colour palette and feeling for the room. Then we have enlarged, interpolated the images, using specialised software that mathematically calculates each pixel colour. This enlargement process ensures very high quality with no pixelation or incorrect colour outcomes. This process is very important when you are talking about enlarging from an image that is only 40 x 60 cm to cover and entire wall! We also cropped each image to fit the wall space perfectly.

In each room the custom wallpaper was then coordinated with a set of furniture selected for its textures and colour palette. The end result is a very comfortable and inspiring space for the consultants to meet their clients.

durable materials required for surface protection

The meeting rooms are used often and are smaller spaces. This means furniture and people will rub against the walls. To make the custom wallpaper more durable and long lasting, it went through a two stage process. The image was initially printed on vinyl then went through a matte lamination process. The lamination makes the wallpaper much more able to resist scrapes and bumps. Matte lamination was an important feature as walls are most often matte in style (think of a painted wall).

custom wallpaper staff work area

MBA Financial Strategists did not want their staff to miss out on working in a wonderful space. The second part of the project was to create a custom wallpaper for the staff work area. But this wallpaper had a twist! We have covered the large wall with an image of the natural world. Each staff member then choose an image to represent themselves and they placed it on top of the custom wallpaper. These images are a bit of fun and can be moved around the scenery to change things up.

can we help?

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