Project Description

augmented reality images, MOD Adelaide, SA

As part of it’s inaugural opening MOD. Adelaide asked WallsThatTalk to create large scale images for use in an augmented reality exhibition. The exhibition, called ‘Prosthetic Reality‘ featured the work of 45 artists from around the world.

augmented reality images

Augmented reality is when a digital component, such as animation or sound, is added over the top of a static image. This is done through a phone or tablet. WallsThatTalk (WTT) printed two large scale images, created by an artist, onto textile and applied them to the exhibition wall. The artist created the digital components of the augmented reality pieces.

One image, a large scale buddha image, was a reproduction of an artist’s original image. The original image was hand drawn in pencil and provided some challenges for WTT. When enlarged the imperfections in the pencil line (that are meant to be there!) become much larger. In order to get a quality finish on the wall a grey layer was added to smooth the edges of the artwork and create a good cut line. This method makes the image look great on the wall too!

tricky lines

In an image like the Buddah vertical or horizontal cut lines would create ugly joins on the wall. The solution was to create custom cut lines along existing lines within the art work. This makes the art work look seamless up on the wall. WallsThatTalk spends time to find the right solution to each job it takes on. In this case it means being highly sensitive to the artist and the integrity of their work.

thinking of doing something creative?

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