Project Description

custom wallpaper mural, MOD Adelaide, SA

MOD Adelaide required several custom wallpaper murals for their inaugural exhibitions. A custom wallpaper mural is a large scale custom printed image or colour that generally covers a whole wall space.

custom wallpaper mural

The first and most impressive custom wallpaper mural is within an exhibition space and covers an entire wall. The mural was reproduced from the original artwork of Sam Leach, which measures approximately 1 x .6m in size. The finished custom wallpaper mural is approximately 19.5m wide and 7.5m tall! The enlargement process was one that required a high level of attention to detail. A very high quality photograph was required to create a quality finished product. When enlarging on this scale even a tiny reflection of light from the canvas texture can turn into a large flaw. The tone and hue of the custom wallpaper mural had to accurately match the original artwork.

flawless joins need a custom installation process

The custom wallpaper mural is within an ongoing exhibition space. This means that the current installation will need to be removed at some point. Ideally the walls be exhibition ready. Other methods of installation can leave cut marks in the walls which need repairing or painting. WallsThatTalk went one better and designed a specialised installation system. That means the joins are perfect (no mean feat over the size we are talking about!) and the walls are in perfect condition for the next exhibition. No repair required!

exact colour please!

Within the same exhibition space there is another custom wallpaper mural. At either end of the space are two full walls of a precisely matched magenta colour. A sample was taken from the original art work reproduced in the first custom wallpaper mural. This installation has  7.5m long drops and required 6 drops for each wall. These panels were installed using the custom installation method ensuring the walls are perfect for the next exhibition. Small details matter to WTT so to make the magenta doors match the rest of the room a black skirting was installed.

right materials for the job

Some adhesive vinyls can leave a residue on the walls after removal. WTT used temporary self adhesive polyester textile wallpaper in this job. This material does not leave a residue or mark on the wall when removed. In this case the wallpaper was custom printed with a photograph and a custom colour.
A big thank you to Grant Hancock, photographer for allowing to use his image as the feature photograph on this page.
Do you have a wall that would look great covered in a custom wallpaper mural? Do you have an image or piece of art to enlarge and display? Would you like a wall in a specific colour? Give WallsThatTalk a call and we can help bring your project to life!