Project Description

exhibit labels, MOD Adelaide, SA

WallsThatTalk were asked to print and apply exhibit labels for all the exhibitions in the opening of MOD. Adelaide. MOD. is Australia’s leading future-focused museum, provoking new ideas at the intersection of science, art and innovation.

exhibit labels

The opening of MOD. Adelaide featured five exhibits across three floors of the new MOD. Adelaide building. Each exhibition required labels. In some cases the labels are an integral part of the exhibit they accompany. Sometime the labels become pieces of art themselves. In other cases the labels are less prominent and their job is to communicate the details of the design you are viewing. Exhibit labels were created for individual works being exhibited and for exhibitions as a whole.

corporate style guide

WallsThatTalk worked with the MOD. style guide to select appropriate fonts for each exhibit label. That way the fonts not only looked great on the wall, they contributed to the branding of MOD. as a whole. Fonts were chosen for the impact and effect they would have when located within the exhibition.

For each exhibit label once a font was chosen, adjustments were made to the position of  letters and words to make sure it looked perfect on the wall. This made sure each exhibit label clear and readable and communicated well with the viewer.

do you need exhibit labels?

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