Project Description

organisational values feature wall – Skylight, Christies Beach, SA

organisational values feature wall

Skylight (Christies Beach) had an outdated and drab main entry area. So they called WallThatTalk to see how we could help. The brief was to refresh their entrance space and make it welcoming and friendly. They needed to create a space that is bold, modern and positive. All reflections of how they want to operate as an organisation. As a result WallsThatTalk created a customised organisational values feature wall specifically for Skylights’ needs.

The space has had a face lift.  New furnishings have been paired with the organisational values statement feature wall decal. This is the first space Skylight clients experience when they enter the building. Now it presents a fresh, clean and welcoming face to the business.

positive values positively expressed

The values expressed on the wall are all positive in nature, directing the tone of the space. It feels uplifting.  As a result people using the Skylight services immediately feel supported and of value.

Most noteworthy is the use of a whiteboard strip in the middle of the tag line “see mental health differently”. It allows the staff to make regular changes and direct the focus of visitors. For example; the line may read “see your family differently” or “see the world differently.” Each change suggests a different orientation for those visiting. As a result the space becomes dynamic and interactive. The organisation values feature wall can be adapted to focus the attention of incoming clients for the day. Whatever is the focus of the days’ sessions can be reflected on the wall. Most of all no major changes are required, the wall adapts.

do you need and organisational values feature wall at your place of work?

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