Project Description

Bay end features

This bay end features project is one of the many great areas we have worked on in the Hamra Centre Library. The goal was to create focus areas for certain book collections. We worked closely with the wonderful Collections Coordinator of the library, Hanna. Our team has designed bay end feature decals, shelf signage and book stickers.  The following collections have been highlighted:

  • Shakespeare
  • Craft
  • Community languages
  • SA environment
  • Australian History
  • Travel

One of the frequently asked questions in the library was about classic literature. People had a difficult time finding them among other books. We highlighted the areas with bay end decals. The books themselves now all have the “classics” sticker on them for easy identification.

materials used:

  • self adhesive polyester fabric for the decals. Digitally printed and contour cut.
  • self adhesive vinyl for the book stickers. Digitally printed and contour cut.