Project Description

We were asked to create a welcoming  children’s area feature wall at the Len Beadell Library in Salisbury. We had a wonderful conversation with staff, who had many ideas for the wall.

When we created the design, we have taken into consideration, that the artwork should be light in feel and appeal to a mixed age group. We have chosen to work with the colours of the wall and the carpet as this creates a harmonious space, and these features are perhaps more permanent than the primary coloured storage units. Also these colours are more contemporary and work well with the timber ceiling feature.
The artwork is contemporary, and uses imaginative elements vs realistic or cartoon-like figures. The small boy and a bit older girl could be any of the children coming to the library, it is not limited to a particular race, colour, hair or clothing style.
We have incorporate the alphabet as the first step for little children towards books. While the leaves are mainly green, the other leaf colours and the letters growing on the tree take it from the park to an imaginary world.  As the wind blows the leaves, it blows together some random letters to create inspiring words for all of us to read and remember.
As our eyes wonder over to the green wall, the leaves become even more abstract – only outlines and finally arrive to the slightly longer quote.

The children’s area feature wall decals, were really well received by library visitors and staff.

The library also has a wonderful section, where the Friends of the Library sell books. Many visitors did not even know about the bookshop, until signage went up. Hope it will bring lots of new customers to the bookshop and generous $ to the library!