Project Description

large scale collaborative project

Housing SA Elizabeth Office, SA

This was a large scale collaborative project between Bruce Interiors and Construction, Detail Studio and WallsThatTalk.

We were engaged to print the required films, design the installation process and install the window films across the project. As a result WallsThatTalk paid a high level of attention to detail to ensure the best result possible.

complex project on a large scale

This was a large scale collaborative project due to its size and the layering of films on top of each other. In addition was the need to create a seamless flow across many different panels of glass interrupted by doors and wall frames. To give you an idea there were: 23 panels 900mm high, ranging from 500mm to 1300mm wide. 26 panels 1320mm high, ranging from 500mm to 1200mm wide. Each of these panels needed to be accurately printed and aligned.  There were also another 21 panels of frosted vinyl in a range of sizes. On top of that there were 7 room signs. All of this was installed around 70 metal uprights and frames!

Originally the designs were requested as a single film to be applied to the glass panel.  After discussion with the project team it was clear that the room names would ‘fade’ into the background too much and not be readable enough. Our solution was to create two layers of film. As a result the room signs pop with life and colour.

attention to detail

The first layer of the window film has transparency, to allow light into the rooms, yet creates privacy. This was a challenging layer to print, cut and apply as the colour stripes that run horizontally across the glass panels are interrupted by frames and uprights. Consequently, extra care had to be taken to measure, print, cut and apply every section perfectly. It was important to ensure that when viewed as a whole, the stripes all flowed correctly and did not look disjointed. This was particularly tricky on corners where there were three glass panels and the stripe had to work in three directions! As you can see the attention we paid to the details payed off and the film looks fantastic!

A second layer, printed in colour on solid white vinyl, was applied on top of the transparent vinyl for each of the room names. This makes them really stand out against the transparency. The names are very readable, and the indigenous art work associated with each room is bold and strong.

reception area feature wall

One part of the project was to create a feature wall in the reception area. This part required working closely with not only the project manager and architects, but also with the joinery team. The little house had to be constructed with a join, which originally ran vertically through the centre. We suggested moving the join to run horizontally and use it to create a ‘roof’ for the house. The interior is a vinyl printed with an array of historic images of Housing Trust Houses from around the Elizabeth area. Photographs look amazing when printed on high quality vinyl. The finished product looks great and creates a strong feature in the space.

children’s play area feature wall

Another little house was built and filled with the word ‘play’, both in English and a variety of other languages. As a result everyone who uses the service feels welcome.

custom safety strip for glass

Another unique aspect of this large scale collaborative project is the design and application of a custom safety strip on the external glass walls. These large glass areas are required to have a safety strip to ensure people do not crash into hard-to-see glass and hurt themselves. In this project we translated the zig-zag design of the privacy screening into a functional yet good looking safety strip. As a result the design aesthetic of the whole project is carried through to the smallest, yet most visible detail.

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