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WallsThatTalk offers a selection of wholesale wall decals for registered wholesale partners. Retail outlets, museum shops, visitor centres, cafes have found that wall decals are a great add-on product to carry.

With a great range of designs and a wide choice of colours, wall decals suit a variety of different retail environments. Wall decals offer instant charm and a fast and easy decoration project for the potential customers.

Decals are ideal for much more than just walls too! We invite you to discover a great potential product to sell: our wholesale wall decals can be used as laptop stickers, window stickers, ipad decoration, furniture stickers, fridge sticker, folder decoration etc. The way you present them can give endless ideas for customers to use them. Speak to us about our great range of wholesale wall decals today!

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Fast decoration, instant gratification, quirky gift option

WallsThatTalk decals work as effortless add-on products in retail shops.

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wall decals for retail

Do you have a retail shop where you would like to sell wall decals? We have created a special collection of wholesale wall decals specifically with retailers in mind. These products are small, easy to handle, packaged with instructions and look enticing in a retail environment. They are a great gift item or add-on purchase and sell well in;
home-wares stores
gift stores
children’s store 

customised wall decals

 We offer customised decal design for your requirements. Look at some examples of the wonderful initiatives from our past customers, it might give you some idea of the possibilities:
Do you have a local event passing by your store? Why not sell themed decals to celebrate the occasion?
Do you own a cafe? Our coffee quote decals are perfect.
Could your weight loss centre sell a collection of motivational quotes?

fundraising with wall decals

Are you planning a charity event and need a fundraising product?
Try something unique this time!
Contact us with you theme, project details and ideas and we can create a unique decal just for your event.
There are so many design possibilities. There are so many colour variations to suit your theme. And it is probably more affordable then you think!
Call or e-mail us so we can discuss your ideas.
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