Tour Down Under Bicycle decals – Coventry Library Stirling, Adelaide Hills, SA

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Library windows with bicycle decals For three years now, we have been busy preparing new bicycle decals for the Tour Down Under in the library. The Tour Down Under is a great event in the Adelaide Hills. The community is keen to participate in many levels. We have had a long cooperation with the Coventry Library in Stirling and it is great to come up with something new every year for this event. Bicycle decals can come in many shapes and sizes: In 2014 and 15 we designed a true community involvement: Bicycle decals represented mountain bikes, city bikes with shopping baskets, kids bikes, bikes for mums with baby carriers, you name it, it was on the window. In 2016 it was all about competition: decals on the window show the competitive spirit of the game. Riders in action with a contemporary take on movement and speed. One of the best part of these project is all the comment we get from library visitors! We love them!

Bay end features, Hamra Centre Library, SA



Bay end features This bay end features project is one of the many great areas we have worked on in the Hamra Centre Library. The goal was to create focus areas for certain book collections. We worked closely with the wonderful Collections Coordinator of the library, Hanna. Our team has designed bay end feature decals, shelf signage and book stickers.  The following collections have been highlighted: Shakespeare Craft Community languages SA environment Australian History Travel One of the frequently asked questions in the library was about classic literature. People had a difficult time finding them among other books. We highlighted the areas with bay end decals. The books themselves now all have the "classics" sticker on them for easy identification. materials used: self adhesive polyester fabric for the decals. Digitally printed and contour cut. self adhesive vinyl for the book stickers. Digitally printed and contour cut.

Library feature wall, Para Hills Library, SA

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Library feature wall We have been asked to design a library feature wall in Para Hills. The library grouped some of their books into four sections and created small alcoves for a quiet reading spaces. The aim of the project was to name the four distinct areas and to list all subjects, which can be found in that specific area. The great big yellow wall was an wonderful background to work on. We decided on contour cutting the words, so the original wall colour can show up behind. The colours of the decals have  been chosen to incorporate with the library's colour scheme. Each section of the word art in this library feature wall incorporates all the subject words, which can be found in that reading section. This way it is not purely informative, but also serves as a wonderful decoration of the space. The Para Hills Library is a great modern space for the community. Make sure you pop by when in the area. materials used: self adhesive polyester fabric, digitally printed and contour cut

Frosted effect decals on glass, Good Shepherd Lutheran School, Para Vista

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Frosted effect decals on glass This lovely Lutheran School needed a welcoming touch at the new library entrance. We used contour cut frosted effect decals on the glass wall. A little boy and a girl sitting under a tree, reading. The image is very subtle in appearance. The leaves of thee drift away showing the way into the library space. The colours were chosen from the colour palette of the carpets. We printed the image onto the frosted effect film and it is visible from both sides of the glass.  The image is contour cut, so the glass is completely clear all around it. materials used: frosted effect, self adhesive film. Digitally printed and contour cut, applied onto glass

Children’s area feature wall, at Len Beadell Library, Salisbury, SA

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We were asked to create a welcoming  children's area feature wall at the Len Beadell Library in Salisbury. We had a wonderful conversation with staff, who had many ideas for the wall. When we created the design, we have taken into consideration, that the artwork should be light in feel and appeal to a mixed age group. We have chosen to work with the colours of the wall and the carpet as this creates a harmonious space, and these features are perhaps more permanent than the primary coloured storage units. Also these colours are more contemporary and work well with the timber ceiling feature. The artwork is contemporary, and uses imaginative elements vs realistic or cartoon-like figures. The small boy and a bit older girl could be any of the children coming to the library, it is not limited to a particular race, colour, hair or clothing style. We have incorporate the alphabet as the first step for little children towards books. While the leaves are mainly green, the other leaf colours and the letters growing on the tree take it from the park to an imaginary world.  As the wind blows the leaves, it blows together some random letters to create inspiring words for all of us to read and remember. As our eyes wonder over to the green wall, the leaves become even more abstract - only outlines and finally arrive to the slightly longer quote. The children's area feature wall decals, were really well received by library visitors and staff. The library also has a wonderful section, where the Friends of the Library sell books. Many visitors did not even know about the bookshop, until signage went up. Hope it will bring [...]

General Library Signage with self-adhesive lettering

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Create general library signage with self adhesive lettering. Signage is used in every single library. You can achieve a professional look easily with our self-adhesive lettering kits and custom word sets.  These kits are available in our online shop and we will prepare them for you within 3 business days. Choose your colours and font in order to achieve the customised look you would like for your General Library Signage. Do you need lettering for your shelves and windows or would you like to display your opening hours? We can help! You can create professional looking signage with our DIY kits, however if you can't find the library signage you need in our online shop, please feel free to contact us for a customised library signage solution.

Creative self-adhesive lettering – Woodside Library and Council



We used creative self-adhesive lettering on the outside of the glazing in order to achieve a clearly visible message. Working with tinted windows is always a challenge. Since the mirrored glazing appeared quite dark and uninviting from the outside, we chose crisp white and lime-tree green self adhesive lettering for this signage project. As a result, the old building looks fresher and more inviting. We selected the words of the self-adhesive signage to create a community feel for the council and library. The tagcloud-type self-adhesive lettering works well on the windows of the Woodside Library and Council. We have been enjoying working together with the Adelaide Hills Council for many years and have made several temporary and permanent signage and decorations for them in all of their libraries.

School Library wall decal at Sunrise Christian School

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We have been asked to create a library wall decal at the Sunrise Christian School. A happy wind-blown tree wall decal was chosen by the school together with Winnie the Pooh wall quote. Library wall decals are a great addition to School Libraries, as they can be as permanent or as temporary as the school wants it. Students and staff enjoy the renewed space but the decal removes easily when time comes. Quote decals are always a favorite in libraries, but as you can see adding a bit of nature just makes the space even more interesting. It is interesting to know, that wall decals can also be applied to glass or any smooth surface.

Anzac Centenary Decoration – window decals at the Stirling Library



Between 2014 and 2018 Australia will commemorate the Anzac Centenary, marking 100 years since our nation’s involvement in the First World War. Anzac Centenary Decoration can be a challenging task: creating something commemorative that can stay up for an extended period of time without becoming boring. This large window decal was commissioned for the Coventry Library in Stirling. The lush green park in front of the library makes perfect setting for the field of poppies. The "Lest we forget" Anzac message stayed up only in April, however the poppies keep the Anzac spirit all year long.  Creating something light and airy, which has a meaningful message at the same time was a great project to work on. We much appreciated the wonderful comments from countless community members, who stopped by while we were installing the Anzac Centenary decoration decals. These poppies are now also available from our webshop in several different sizes.

Digital Hub at the Coventry Library

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Look what we have created: a totally customised table using decals. The Coventry Library has a wonderful digital hub, where you can try different tablets, for example. But the table was just boring white... Not anymore: it is fun and informative with customised decal signage. There is even a laminate installed on top, to protect the decoration from sticky and picky fingers. Community members are signing up for digital sessions - thanks to the eye-catching window signage.

Goodwood Library wall decal at the main desk



This playful library wall decal feature wall was created to make a focal point on the large dark wall in the library. The colours were chosen to tie in with a large text based wall mural in another area of the library. The result is a simple and effective wall feature.

West Torrens Council Hamra Library wall art mural

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This striking wall mural was commissioned as part of an upgrade of the Youth area at the West Torrens Council's Hamra Library. The brief was to create a design utilising geometric shapes which interacted with each other. Some areas were to be left free from colour. We also liked the idea of 'hiding' more shapes within the negative spaces of the design. Once you start to look you can see these shapes throughout the mural. The colour scheme was chosen to work closely with the new furniture colours being introduced.

Unley Council Goodwood Library quotation wall decals

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This exciting project was commissioned by the Goodwood Library to replace an old, and quite dated artwork on a large wall in the library. Initially they were unsure about what they wanted but after our initial discussions it became clear that inspirational quotations was the appropriate direction. We worked closely with the client to create a dynamic and exciting wall mural based on a selection of quotes they had compiled. Several design options were presented before the client settled on the final design concept. The colour pallet was chosen to work with the existing scheme within the library. The result is a dramatic and inspiring wall that is sure to make people smile each time they read something different within it.

Stirling Library Community Room decals

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The Stirling Community Room located in the Adelaide Hills Council's Stirling Library was looking for a creative way to communicate information when they approached us. We worked closely with them to refine the concept which was to offer some permanent quotes and also to integrate some white board areas which could be used during meetings and presentations. Large speech bubbles of special white-board, dry erase vinyl were used to achieve the desired result.

West Torrens Council Hamra Toy Library wall decals



This playful project was commissioned as part of an upgrade  of the toy library. We worked closely with the client to create a fun forest theme that children would love. The project had a challenging colour pallet for us to work with together with a very tight budget. We were able to deliver a solution that the client loved that worked with the colour scheme and also met the budget constraints.

National Year of Reading decals

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2012 was the National Year of Reading. Walls That Talk created a range of lively decals based on the official logo for the year-long event. These decals were able to be adapted to suit a variety of applications and were installed in many libraries and schools across the country. The National Year of Reading Campaign was aimed at increasing the enjoyment of reading a in all areas of the community. The decals were used a s a visual reminder of the enjoyment that can be gained from reading and were an important part raising the public awareness of the campaign.  

Library decals at St Francis Xavier Regional College

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Library decals are popular for school libraries. Forest themes and a contemporary word art mural were features of this recent project. The library space was transformed with the simple addition of some well placed wall decals. Tag cloud type of art typography is easy to create with wall decals.