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Branding and signage solutions using self adhesive decoration and communication.

Conveyancing office signage, Tuckfields Conveyancing, Adelaide

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Conveyancing office signage This conveyancing office signage project for Tuckfields conveyancing involved many different parts. Tammy and her team was creative and fun to work with. We created outdoor signage with their logo, which was fastened to the fascia of the building. Branded their main entrance. Installed self adhesive lettering for trading hours and contact information. The office window needed some privacy, so we created a word art decal listing their services on the window. Inside the office we designed a word art decal for the CEO's wall. This was made up of very personal words of her choice and turned out to be exactly how she wanted it. In the general office space we installed value word decals, wall quote decals and 3D acrylic lettering.

Coffee shop window signage – Dutch Coffee Lab, Port Adelaide



Coffee shop window signage The new Dutch Coffee Lab was after custom made coffee shop window signage. This is a wonderful boutique cafe in Port Adelaide making excellent coffee. We placed the logo decal in the window. In addition to that, they also needed something to block customers' legs as they are sitting out in the window. We created a design of simple logo repetition. Used this design for the decals in the bottom of the shop window to block the unwanted parts. Together with the funky sofa underneath, they sure make an inviting place for a coffee. Inside the cafe we installed some self adhesive decals on the the fridge to reinforce branding. If you are after a great coffee and want to check out this coffee shop window signage project, make sure you drop by. They are on St Vincent Street in Port Adelaide. In the meantime check out their facebook page. Used materials: outdoor UV rated self adhesive vinyl - applied on the outside of the glass low tack interior self adhesive vinyl decals inside the shop window and on the fridge

Commercial feature wall – Zenith, Melbourne



Commercial feature wall graphics can dramatically change a space. We were delighted to create this commercial feature wall for Zenith interiors in their Melbourne showroom. Their "sound" line of office furniture is absolutely wonderful and sure deserves some show off. This wall was quite a challenging project: 14 m long, very symmetrical design, so it needed careful consideration of file preparation with many alignment marks to achieve perfect results. During installation, we were glad to have our laser line and scaffolding equipment, which sure made the project easier. At the end of the (second) day, we were very happy with the end result, and what is even more important, we made the client happy as well. Ready for the big opening celebration.

General Library Signage with self-adhesive lettering

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Create general library signage with self adhesive lettering. Signage is used in every single library. You can achieve a professional look easily with our self-adhesive lettering kits and custom word sets.  These kits are available in our online shop and we will prepare them for you within 3 business days. Choose your colours and font in order to achieve the customised look you would like for your General Library Signage. Do you need lettering for your shelves and windows or would you like to display your opening hours? We can help! You can create professional looking signage with our DIY kits, however if you can't find the library signage you need in our online shop, please feel free to contact us for a customised library signage solution.

Creative self-adhesive lettering – Woodside Library and Council



We used creative self-adhesive lettering on the outside of the glazing in order to achieve a clearly visible message. Working with tinted windows is always a challenge. Since the mirrored glazing appeared quite dark and uninviting from the outside, we chose crisp white and lime-tree green self adhesive lettering for this signage project. As a result, the old building looks fresher and more inviting. We selected the words of the self-adhesive signage to create a community feel for the council and library. The tagcloud-type self-adhesive lettering works well on the windows of the Woodside Library and Council. We have been enjoying working together with the Adelaide Hills Council for many years and have made several temporary and permanent signage and decorations for them in all of their libraries.

Meeting room window decals and self-adhesive branding

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The fitout of the new office space for Wellness & Lifestyles was designed by Koush Design. WallsThatTalk was approached to produce and install window decals for the meeting rooms and furthermore to provide logo and branding on the wall behind the reception counter. Meeting room window decals We have carefully adjusted the colours for the meeting room window decals to match the colours of the carpet, hence creating a playful effect. These decals also work as safety strip on the glass, however we believe they are visually much more attractive. 3D acrylic lettering The 3D acrylic lettering in the reception area reflect the quality of the brand and create visual interest. They have been CNC cut from acrylic panels and we adhered them to the wall with industrial double sided tape.

Digital Hub at the Coventry Library

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Look what we have created: a totally customised table using decals. The Coventry Library has a wonderful digital hub, where you can try different tablets, for example. But the table was just boring white... Not anymore: it is fun and informative with customised decal signage. There is even a laminate installed on top, to protect the decoration from sticky and picky fingers. Community members are signing up for digital sessions - thanks to the eye-catching window signage.

COMIC Foundation Lyell McEwen Hospital Project

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Studio Tonic (an Adelaide based interior design company) approached us to be involved with this fantastic project. COMIC Foundation is a charity that raises funds to create child friendly spaces in the mental health wards of hospitals and clinics. We worked closely with the design team to create a fun environment while still displaying the COMIC Foundation branding (the flower motif) throughout the space. The colour scheme was closely linked to the interior fitout and detailing of the furniture that was created for the space. We coordinated with various trades to complete the project which involved decals on walls and windows, painted detailing on concrete, large powder coated flower cut-outs and a plaque to acknowledge the contributions of the many business involved.

Commercial branding and privacy frosting for glass

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Windows and glass doors provide a fantastic opportunity to present your company branding but they can also pose problems with privacy and security. These are just a few examples of the possibilities available. We worked with both these clients and provided them with a solution that consisted of only partial frosting to give some areas that were obscured while still allowing light to enter. The company logos and branding was incorporated into the designs and colour schemes.

Glenelg Podiatry Clinic Super-graphic and Logo decals

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The fitout of the new consulting rooms for the Glenelg Podiatry Clinic was designed by Koush Design. WallsThatTalk was approached to produce and install the large super-graphic and logo on the wall behind the reception counter. The graphic utilises the footprint artwork which comes from the clinic's branding. Colours were adjusted to ensure that the printed wall paper would blend into the overall colour scheme. The result is a striking graphic element that accentuates the generous proportions of the room.

SA Whale Centre Branding and Multi-lingual Welcome decals

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The South Australian Whale Centre wanted to display their logo and create a multi-lingual welcome feature wall in their historic Victor Harbor headquarters. We worked closely with them to collect and translate many of the languages featured. The lower half of the wall depicts many of the local species of marine animals found in the waters of  southern Australia.

National Year of Reading decals

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2012 was the National Year of Reading. Walls That Talk created a range of lively decals based on the official logo for the year-long event. These decals were able to be adapted to suit a variety of applications and were installed in many libraries and schools across the country. The National Year of Reading Campaign was aimed at increasing the enjoyment of reading a in all areas of the community. The decals were used a s a visual reminder of the enjoyment that can be gained from reading and were an important part raising the public awareness of the campaign.  

The Stitching Circle – Brand Identity and Signage

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The Stitching Circle is a specialist sewing and craft boutique located in Mount Barker in the Adelaide Hills. When the new store was being established, the owner engaged WallsThatTalk to create the branding and all associated signage for the store. External signage was designed to clearly identify the store from the street and had to work within the local council's heritage guidelines for the streetscape. Everything from window decals, A-frames, wall decals, price tags, stickers and labels, business stationary and shop fittings was designed, created and produced by WallsThatTalk within a very tight timeline. The result is a very striking and different brand that is easily identifiable and flexible enough to meet the client's needs as the business grows.